LCD کاراکتری 2×16 بک لایت سبز

46,000 تومان

ال سی دی کاراکتری 2×16 پس زمینه سبز

موجود در انبار

46,000 تومان

موجود در انبار

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LCD کاراکتری 2×16 بک لایت سبز


Pin Configuration

Pin No: Pin Name:


1 Vss (Ground) Ground pin connected to system ground
2 Vdd (+5 Volt) Powers the LCD with +5V (4.7V – 5.3V)
3 VE (Contrast V) Decides the contrast level of display. Grounded to get maximum contrast.
4 Register Select Connected to Microcontroller to shit between command/data register
5 Read/Write Used to read or write data. Normally grounded to write data to LCD
6 Enable Connected to Microcontroller Pin and toggled between 1 and 0 for data acknowledgement
7 Data Pin 0  


Data pins 0 to 7 forms a 8-bit data line. They can be connected to Microcontroller to send 8-bit data.

These LCD’s can also operate on 4-bit mode in such case Data pin 4,5,6 and 7 will be left free.

8 Data Pin 1
9 Data Pin 2
10 Data Pin 3
11 Data Pin 4
12 Data Pin 5
13 Data Pin 6
14 Data Pin 7
15 LED Positive Backlight LED pin positive terminal
16 LED Negative Backlight LED pin negative terminal
وزن 100 g

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